Hello fellow benz owners,

I had recently purchased a 2015 Mercedes CLA 250, and had driven it about 500-600 km as then I had received the notification of change oil on the dash.

Reading throughout these forums and watching a lot of videos of the oil change I had thought i known what to do. I had done the following

1. Take off splash guard
2. Take off engine oil and dipstick
3. Used a 13mm to unplug the drain plug
4. I let the oil drain into a pan (i disposed of this oil at a canadian tire)
5. I unscrewed the oil filter and removed the 3 gaskets and old filter and lubricated heavily the 3 gaskets and put them in their corresponding spots & put the new filter in
6. I screwed on the oil filter
7. Put drain plug back with the washer that was there
8. Put new oil in the car castrol 5-30w
9. I started up the car and went to see for leaks.....

At step 9 is where the issue came.. (please see photos) the oil is leaking HEAVILY , not drips, but HEAVY HEAVY leaks once the car starts and only stops when I turn off the car. It is leaking BEHIND where I unscrewed the drain plug like behind the drain pan.. I didn't unscrew ANYTHING behind there or anything close to it. I even checked my drain plug if that was the problem of the leak and it is NOT. NO oil comes from the drain plug when I tighten it but it comes from behind the drain pan area like behind the silver box holding all the oil...

Could anyone please throw any help my way..? This was my first and only car I have and its been out of service for 2 weeks.. I was ashamed to ask for help as everyone said changing oil is such an easy thing but I have no other option to resort to here... please leave any comments or feedback on how to fix this :/

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