Opinion on CLA Suspension - Harsh or Soft?
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Opinion on CLA Suspension - Harsh or Soft?

This is a discussion on Opinion on CLA Suspension - Harsh or Soft? within the CLA General Discussion forums, part of the Mercedes-Benz CLA Forum category; So there's been plenty of talk lately about just how harsh the CLA's suspension is, and there's been talk from others saying they don't find ...

View Poll Results: Is the CLA's suspension harsh or soft?

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  • It's harsh (CLA 250/45 sport suspension owner)

    48 30.97%
  • It's just right (CLA 250/45 sport suspension owner)

    65 41.94%
  • It's too soft (CLA 250/45 sport suspension owner)

    2 1.29%
  • It's harsh (CLA 45 AMG performance suspension owner)

    3 1.94%
  • It's just right (CLA 45 AMG performance suspension owner)

    15 9.68%
  • It's too soft (CLA 45 AMG performance suspension owner)

    1 0.65%
  • It's just right (CLA 250 comfort suspension owner)

    10 6.45%
  • It's too harsh (CLA 250 comfort suspension owner)

    11 7.10%
  • It's too soft (CLA 250 comfort suspension owner)

    0 0%
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Thread: Opinion on CLA Suspension - Harsh or Soft?

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    Opinion on CLA Suspension - Harsh or Soft?

    So there's been plenty of talk lately about just how harsh the CLA's suspension is, and there's been talk from others saying they don't find it harsh. So in the poll choose whether or not you find the ride to be harsh then post what cars you've owned in the past, which suspension you have, what cars you've ridden in the past and compare the ride of your CLA to them. Hopefully this post will allow others to see which suspension will be right for them when purchasing a CLA based off others experiences and what cars they have owned in the past.

    So here's my post. I own a CLA 45 AMG with the performance suspension. My past rides were a 2010 VW Golf Wagon TDI (when I was a learners driver), and a 2013 VW GTI. Compared to those I believe that my CLA 45's ride isn't too much harsher. I believe it's a perfect balance between sportiness (You actually can feel the road) and comfort. I also personally find it to be extremely similar to my ex GTI's suspension
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    Current: CLA 250

    2012 Altima Coupe
    2010 VW CC Run Flats
    2004 VW Passat 4Motion
    2001 Subaru Impreza 2.5

    A Toyota, Ford Minivan, two Saab 99s

    All had a slightly softer ride except for the CC and Subaru.

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    i dont own a CLA yet but I have test driven it twice
    Past Cars owned/driven for extended period of times
    Nissan Altima
    Toyota Corolla
    Honda Accord
    Lexus ES330
    Lexus RX350
    Lexus IS350

    The CLA 250 has a much harsher ride than all the cars listed above. Well unless you are in crappy roads I woudlnt say it's harsh but stiff. I've never driven a GTI long term but I have driven one before I think your comparison with the GTI suspension is a good one. I would say they are pretty comparable with regards to comfort and stiffness.

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    I have had a lot of stiff riding cars. Most recent include a 1995 Z-28 Camaro, a 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee (Up Country Suspension Group), a 2000 Chevy S-10 Pickup, a 2000 Corvette C5 Convertible and a 2008 Honda Civic coupe.

    All of those had rides that I'm sure some would describe a downright nasty. I really like the way my CLA 250 Sport rides, I think its just right.

    But the true test isn't really me, its my wife, who currently owns two Lexus vehicles. She is very sensitive to ride quality. As an example, she once bought a new set of tires for her Lexus ES at the dealership. She drove around on them for a couple of weeks and hated what she felt was a deterioration in ride quality. She made the dealership remove the tires, give her a new set of a tires by a different maker, plus refund her the cost difference. She's serious about it, obviously.

    She really disliked riding in my former cars because of the uncomfortable ride quality of them all. But she likes the ride of my CLA very much and, in fact, urged me to buy the CLA over a couple of competitors I was considering.
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    Not harsh for me, actually softer than a Mitsubishi 3000GT I had for a good few years prior. I had a bit of a problem with the 3000GT getting in and out of my driveway because of the front clearance same applies to my CLA. I have to come in/out at an angle to avoid scraping the front lip.

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    It's all a matter of opinion. I test drove both the C350 and the CLA. I found the CLA to be a better, firmer and more connected feel for me. The C class and E class is a completely different car and feel. The CLA is a sports coupe it is not a cushy heavy feeling luxury car.

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    The sport suspensions for the 250 vs the 45 are different. Wheels and tires make a difference also. For the 45 I think the standard sport suspension w 19"s and non-runflats is just right.

    For the 250, if you're getting the non-AMG model you wouldn't expect a stiff/harsh ride. Run-flats make this worse.
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    You want harsh. My son and I lowered my 2003 Civic Si , put 17x8 inch rims on it, and put in performance shocks. That's harsh.

    It's hilarious watching him avoid pot holes and any road imperfections as he didn't know how harsh the ride would be.

    Still he keep telling me "the car needs more low".
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    I don't own it yet, so I can't say. Scheduled build, tomorrow.

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    I wouldn't called "harsh", but stiff with good dampening , it doesn't bothers to the point that you could hate it, it actually it is very nice, it lets you feel the road; it wont go over bump stops like other cars do.

    After all it's a Sport package it is supposed to be stiff and feel solid, like a Porsche,

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