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  1. AC out after car wash

    CLA General Discussion
    Oh wow so that may have been the culprit? Cuz then the compressor never engages and no cooling. Just interesting that sensor died at that certain time. Helluva coincidence. [emoji4] Hope your car gets nice and cool now.
  2. 2019 CLA Rim and Tire Issues

    CLA Problems/Issues/Complaints
    Wow another diff bites the dust? This issue is starting to pop up more often ... glad they tracked it down and fixing with no hassle
  3. DIY: Auto-dimming mirror upgrade

    CLA Modifications / DIY
    Good show! Surprised no computer gadgetry needed? Cuz there are activation voltages etc associated with the dimming system ...
  4. Front View Camera?

    CLA General Discussion
    The pix will be interesting info [emoji4] Hope the install goes well ... and remind them to use painters tape liberally everywhere fingers and tools may go
  5. Memory seats

    CLA General Discussion
    you know ... i have been itching to remove the door panels to do some sound insulation and deadening and bits of quieting here and there ... so hopefully i will see what you are referring to then however so far it seems if an option was not specified during manufacture then the extra looms and...
  6. Varex Variable Muffler

    CLA Performance
    Interesting little gadget Surprised they dont have the rather common center in side outs format (like the magnaflow ... so silly needing those bends)
  7. AC out after car wash

    CLA General Discussion
    Well it is >5yrs now for our fancy gadgeted machines ... just might have been poor timing or (though unlikely) water incursion somewhere Which sensor was replaced?
  8. CLA45S 2020

    Mercedes-Benz CLA45 AMG
    Aftermarket update time! [emoji4] But its a different motor so ... hmmm ...
  9. Carbon fiber grilled And diffuser

    Parts for Sale / Wanted
    Was just looking for critter debris fragments ... [emoji13]
  10. 2020 CLA 250 at CES Las Vegas

    CLA General Discussion
    And the monroney for it ... "sound generator" and "advantage package" are interesting ...
  11. What did you do to your CLA today?

    CLA General Discussion
    ... need WLKNDED license plates for them ... :p
  12. Cla 2020 missing ambient light

    CLA General Discussion
    wow ... thats a bummer seems for the us bound interiors ambient is standard
  13. 2020 CLA 250 at CES Las Vegas

    CLA General Discussion
    well ... guess they're here ! :cool: (starts at what I paid for a loaded 250 back in 2014, geee)
  14. CLA250 4MATIC Rear Differential DIY-able?

    CLA Problems/Issues/Complaints
    eBay? Need to get correct p/n or supersede for your model year Online benz parts sites may help as they refer to vin
  15. 235/35/19

    CLA Wheels and Tires
    Oh this post has more query specs See notes in other post
  16. 235/35/19

    CLA General Discussion
    Think there are a bunch of posts on this as i recall Its not just the tire need the rim width too 48et is stock for 8” and should be good for 235 and for me it looks just flush so maybe push it to 42et? 35et would have the rubber +13mm out from fender so for full tilt cornering may need to roll...
  17. Front and Rear Brake Pads and Rotors

    Mercedes-Benz CLA45 AMG
    @NLV45 noted the details ... thank you Theres some company that came up some hybrid alien pad bites like sm dusts like pc or nao (non asbestos organic) think its raybestos eht But could not find any pads to fit
  18. Increase ride height

    CLA General Discussion
    enforcement folks usually give 4~5% error windows so you should be ok fun part is to hack a bud's car to read -10 all the time ... heh heh heh ;-)
  19. 14 CLA 250 Rear view camera not working

    CLA Problems/Issues/Complaints
    you may wanna do a search ... several other posts on the same issue might have a resolution there? funny all these camera issues popping up around the same time ...
  20. CLA AMG line September 2019

    Mercedes CLA UK
    wait ... maybe you have USB_C ports? not the usual rectangular openings just guessing here ...
1-20 of 200 Results