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  1. Testing Attachments

    Community Help
    As predicted:
  2. Testing Attachments

    Community Help
    IOW, this reply I'm typing now will appear as post #7, but appear after post #1 until the page is refreshed. Then it will appear as Post #7 and where #7 should be. Neil
  3. Testing Attachments

    Community Help
  4. Testing Attachments

    Community Help
    Testing Go Advanced>Manage Attachments. Noting that when uploading this image, the uploader showed a question mark, rather than the image.
  5. Testing Attachments

    Community Help
    Testing "Insert Image"
  6. Google Cloud Move 06/13/2018

    Community Help
    It appears that the Home Page issue is now resolved. Can you confirm on your end? Neil
  7. Google Cloud Move 06/13/2018

    Community Help
    I have raised the Home Page issue again this morning. Hoping for a fix soon. Neil
  8. Google Cloud Move 06/13/2018

    Community Help
    Confirmed that it's known, and being worked on. All I can do at this point is ask for your patience. Neil
  9. Images in forum

    Community Help
    Yeah, that app is no longer supported, since the site was sold just over a year ago. Sorry guys. :(
  10. Images in forum

    Community Help
    Sounds like an iOS issue then. I'll pass this along so the tech crew can look into it. They may already know a workaround...I'll keep you posted here.
  11. About the Security and Data Breach Notification banner

    Community Help
    I have no idea how long it will take them to add the sites they bought from Forum Foundry to their master list. I'd think it's fairly far down the priority list at the moment, thanks to this security thing. That sale included somewhere in the neighborhood of 100 sites--their biggest...
  12. About the Security and Data Breach Notification banner

    Community Help
    You all will be seeing this at the top of every page...the link in the banner is safe, and it will take you to the Vertical Scope (the new owner's) page explaining a breach in their security involving many of the forums they operate. This breach occurred back in February, several months before...
  13. How do I post a PDF?

    Community Help
    When you type up your post, click Go Advanced below and to the right of the post box. Then scroll down and click Manage Attachments. That will open a pop-up window from which you can upload images to your post. pdf is one of the file types that can be uploaded.
  14. Selling 2015 CLA250 (South Carolina) with Sports Plus Package - $35K

    Cars For Sale / Wanted
    Moved to Cars for Sale/Wanted.
  15. FS: Armytrix Downpipe / Vivid Racing piggyback tune

    Parts for Sale / Wanted
    Moved to Parts for Sale/Wanted. Carry on. :)
  16. Mercedes CLA is RockAuto's Forum of the Month!
    How prestigious! We're honored, and thank you for the recognition!
  17. Congrats to osiris_X11

    Welcome to the team, Osiris! Glad to have you with us.
  18. Some CLA Options (sports package)

    CLA General Discussion
    Just click "Go Advanced" below your post, then scroll down to "Manage Attachments". From there you'll be able to upload.
  19. Are you waiting on the CLA? What is your current ride in the mean time?

    Indeed. The .org is ours though, and I'm the resident admin ;)
  20. Superbowl pick?

    Off-Topic Discussion
    A friend of mine has dubbed this game "Super Bowl XLMEH". I agree. :D
1-20 of 20 Results