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  1. Understanding Firmware/Engineering Mode

    CLA Modifications / DIY
    I tried this at my last service before my warranty expired, they said its not possible for them to do it as if they do and if i fuck up some stuff its on them. I think if you know a mechanic at the dealer you can get it done, but not officially
  2. Radio Has No Sound

    CLA Problems/Issues/Complaints
    If the bt and sat is working that means its not the speakers. Perhaps smt wrong with the radio connection? Maybe go to a good audio mechanic store to get it fixed/checked before getting ripped off at the stealership
  3. Understanding Firmware/Engineering Mode

    CLA Modifications / DIY
    Please check out this topic ( last couple pages of it ) to get a better understanding of the situation. I also have carplay in my engineering menu, port and obd reader but it doesn't work. You'll need to get...
  4. Who built your 45?!

    Mercedes-Benz CLA45 AMG
    Here is a funny story after this signature plate fell off i asked my dealer to replace it and they didn't even know who made the engine so they ordered and put a completely different guys signature plate :) The best or nothing right? !!! :D So currently my signature plate has a name on it but...
  5. New bloke-

    Mercedes-Benz CLA45 AMG
    Welcome! looks pretty good
  6. Best tires for performance and comfort for my 2016 4matic?

    CLA General Discussion
    Michelin PS4s are what i keep hearing. I recently changed my yokohamas as they were done to some mid tier tires called Nexens as im not looking to spend +1k every year or two on rubber lol because this car is eating tires too fast. So far so good tho
  7. Cla45 blown turbo 40,000 miles

    Mercedes-Benz CLA45 AMG
    Do you know the cause?(im just curious)
  8. The dealership charges WHAT for Service B?!

    CLA General Discussion
    is this a joke haha but i am not surprised.. its called stealership after all
  9. We Are Live - Community Feedback

    Community Help
    On the right side there is the circle with your avatar you can click on it to see options, or click here
  10. CLA 45 - Brake Pads & Rotors (Options)

    Mercedes CLA Australia
    For the pads i have been suggested with Akebono ceramics anyone know if they good? Also im at 63k km and didnt get my rotors/discs changed yet.(i got brake pads replaced by the dealer for free like 2 years ago) is this not normal?
  11. What gas do you use to fill up your CLA?

    CLA General Discussion
    Well in Canada we have 94 at Petro Canada but i usually buy 91 from Ultramar and when i go to costco i get costco premium
  12. clicking noise

    CLA Problems/Issues/Complaints
    Are you talking about the crankshaft seal problem which makes a mouse noise? If its that than most of us already have that noise and its harmless. It would be better if you post a video.
  13. turbo blanket is it worth?

    Mercedes-Benz CLA45 AMG
    thanks guys, im planning to buy it in the upcoming months if i decide to keep the car for another 2 years which im inclined to do as there is no other car in the market that gets my attention
  14. turbo blanket is it worth?

    Mercedes-Benz CLA45 AMG
    Is the PTP Turbo blanket worth it? Do you guys think it will increase the life span of the engine parts? Lot of people i see putting them on and im not sure if it worths it or not
  15. Top 20 Highest Quality Cars by Segment: 2019

    Mercedes-Benz CLA News
    Not surprised that MB is not on the list :) Even though MB interior looks fancy, in terms of build quality i also think BMW is way ahead. Our 4 series has a better built quality than the CLS which costs way more. You only start getting solid builds at S Class unfortunately
  16. Can you use the cigarette lighter next to the ashtray to charge an iPhone?

    CLA General Discussion
    this is the one i have, still working good since 2015 lol
  17. New Member that has a problem with MERCEDES BENZ OF NEW ROCHELLE NY Please Read.

    Mercedes-Benz CLA45 AMG
    Unfortunately i have experienced something similar. This was because the dealers service manager "forged" my service papers and sent an email to MB Germany with fake documents to prove himself (long story). Even with all the proof and real documents i had, i wasn't able to get anyone from mb...
  18. Can you use the cigarette lighter next to the ashtray to charge an iPhone?

    CLA General Discussion
    you are right i just checked and mine is qc 2.0 version with 1 fast charge and 1 regular usb port. usually fast one i use it with my samsung and regular one my gf for her iphone. works perfectly fine
  19. Apple carplay for COMMAND NTG5.1 - retrofit?

    CLA General Discussion
    I tried but they just blew me off by saying its not possible. If you guys have any good excuse that leads to the activation of this thing let me know i can go and try or the name of the actual operation that has to be done. For example for the radio update i told them my bluetooth was not...
  20. Apple carplay for COMMAND NTG5.1 - retrofit?

    CLA General Discussion
    I used a VIN decoder and i was able to find this, 531 COMAND APS NTG5/NTG5.5 But as i said before i already got the smartphone integration package installed at my dealer + the software update. After the update i was able to see a new Music Note icon in the radio menu like previously posted...
1-20 of 194 Results