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  1. wash waxed detailed and cla emblem removed

    CLA General Discussion
    Car looks amazing man, good job!
  2. How do I resign from the forum?

    I can delete your account. That is the only way. Send me a PM if you want your account deleted. It can't be undone.
  3. Time to add some new mods? Suggestions?

    I probably should have made it more clear, modeators ;) not mods :)
  4. Time to add some new mods? Suggestions?

    The site has been growing really well lately and more and more cars have been hitting the roads. It seems like MB can't even keep up with the demand. Since we have so much growth I figured it would be time to add some moderators... and I'm looking for your suggestions. Please keep in mind, this...
  5. Painted calipers

    CLA Exterior Styling
    He painted the calipers himself, thats DIY isn't it? :)
  6. Mods - DIY Section?

    CLA General Discussion
    I'll get this added guys!
  7. Add your location to the CLA Forums Member Map!

    Thanks guys!
  8. ZILLA Banned??

    I find it ironic that on one hand you complain about it and on the other hand refuse to assist in doing anything about it. Whatever floats your boat though mate.
  9. ZILLA Banned??

    You've been here since January. I've been here a lot longer then you and I've put a ton of blood, sweat, tears and hours into this place before you ever got here. I think you need to show a little respect for your elders. Nevermind the fact that I started this place. That pretty much gives me...
  10. ZILLA Banned??

    This site is not a democracy. It is not up for a vote.
  11. ZILLA Banned??

    I think the lesson to be learned here is that we all should remain friendly... this is and should always be a friendly community. When we let that die this place will wither away slowly because the camaraderie will slowly go away. We do not want that to happen.
  12. ZILLA Banned??

    Instead of replying to them and giving them a free bump, you should report it :)
  13. ZILLA Banned??

    Guys if you see spam report it... we take care of it right away. It is the little triangle icon with the exclamation in it... under their username, just to the left of the post content. Please report spam so we can nuke it.
  14. It's officially official. I own a CLA45! :)

    Mercedes-Benz CLA45 AMG
    Congrats on the car Eric, very very nice!
  15. They just keep coming and coming

    Off-Topic Discussion
    Crazy video... I'll bet it took hours to get the cops and tow trucks out there to get on your way. Not worth the time saved by driving too fast for the weather conditions.
  16. Hi guys

    Mercedes-Benz CLA45 AMG
    Hey Jayy, welcome to the site!
  17. pick up my 45 (first in San francisco)

    Mercedes-Benz CLA45 AMG
    Congratulations Jim, car looks great!
  18. New Member

    Hello Maria, welcome to the site!
  19. Finally - It's here

    CLA Pictures/Videos
    Congrats Fijiman, car looks great!
  20. Happy Veterans Day

    CLA General Discussion
    Thank you to all our past and current veterans for protecting our freedoms. It is often a thankless job and we do appreciate it.
1-20 of 189 Results