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  1. CLA45 2016 Apple carplay

    CLA Modifications / DIY
    Hi, I’m looking to update my car to Apple car play. I’ve researched a lot of the forums etc and I’m just looking for a bit of a summary or guidance. Tried OBD tool but it didn’t activate on my car and I’m unsure why and if this is possible for me?? I’m sure there’s a way round it but need help...
  2. Apple Car Play Sound settings, I figured it out.

    CLA General Discussion
    So I have a 2016 CLA250, I installed apple car play about a year ago, I did notice the sound was different no bass at all. Well last night I was driving and messing around I found how to change the Bass, tremble, and midtones for apple car play. Connect your phone to the correct USB port (One...
  3. No CarPlay?

    CLA Problems/Issues/Complaints
    I just got my CPO 2017 and it doesn’t have CarPlay on it. I read that CLAs this year do have it but I looked for it on my car and it’s not there and the dealership said they didn’t have the ability to add it?