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  1. detach or replace emblem from the trunk. new type cla.

    CLA Exterior Styling
    hello, does anyone have any idea how to detach the mercedes star from the trunk. I want to replace it with a black one. this is the new star that opens when you drive backwards with the camera. according to the garage it is not possible to have it wrapped because it has a new coating and the...
  2. 2019 CLA Front Lower Bumper lip - Chrome accessory

    CLA Exterior Styling
    need to order a replacement part ( as shown in picture) and country website will do thanks in advance
  3. 2020 CLA 45S Review - Remove Before Race [YouTube]

    Mercedes-Benz CLA45 AMG
    I just came across this youtube review video on the 2020 CLA 45S. Looks absolutely fantastic. I have slowly gotten the urge to upgrade to this car...especially after seeing another thread by @soupratt