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  1. CLA Problems/Issues/Complaints
    Hi all, After driving the car there is a burning smell that is coming from the driver side, lifted the hood up and its towards the back right but unsure what this could be? haven't noticed any leaks but Car is still under warranty but was just wondering if it could just be DPF regen or...
  2. CLA Modifications / DIY
    Hey, im looking for an exhaust but i have never heard any of the aftermarket exhausts for the CLA. I was looking and capristo and akropovik but they are both very expensive and don't want to make a mistake. Which one would be better? (its a 2022)
  3. CLA Problems/Issues/Complaints
    Does anyone has this same issue where window drop slightly more than the rest of the window and does not goes back up automatically. Happens only on the front passenger side, the rest of the windows are fine. Tried the 10 second reset method, works for temporary fix and will happen again the...
  4. CLA General Discussion
    Firstly, Hey everyone! I'm new here and have already found a heap of these threads to be an awesome help. My 2020 CLA200 c118 should arrive early next week, i've got a bit excited and purchased a panamerica grille for it and also a 45s style rear diffuser. I know the grille install requires...
  5. CLA Exterior Styling
    hello, does anyone have any idea how to detach the mercedes star from the trunk. I want to replace it with a black one. this is the new star that opens when you drive backwards with the camera. according to the garage it is not possible to have it wrapped because it has a new coating and the...
  6. CLA Exterior Styling
    need to order a replacement part ( as shown in picture) and country website will do thanks in advance
  7. Mercedes-Benz CLA45 AMG
    I just came across this youtube review video on the 2020 CLA 45S. Looks absolutely fantastic. I have slowly gotten the urge to upgrade to this car...especially after seeing another thread by @soupratt
1-7 of 7 Results