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  1. CLA General Discussion
    Hi All, just got my 2018 shooting break but I don't see any options on the head unit for Android Auto, my phone connects Ok and gives my the option to connect to Android Auto which it does but I see not interface. I thought 2018 cars came with it? Do I need to activate it, any help advice...
  2. CLA Exterior Styling
    Hello, I just got a CLA 250 2018. It has the halogen lights currently and I'm wanting to upgrade to the better-looking LED lights. I can't seem to find anywhere to really purchase entire light housings other than used off Ebay. I also have seen something about needing to program the car for LED...
  3. CLA General Discussion
    I just purchased a certified preowned 2018 CLA from one of the Mercedes-Benz dealers. I have noticed that the black facia located by the exhaust is melting. Does anybody have that same experience?
1-3 of 3 Results