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  1. CLA Problems/Issues/Complaints
    I have a bad rear differential, took to Mercedes’ 9 months ago with the sound and they said they didn’t find anything, so now I put it back into service and complaining about same issue and they now say it’s my rear differential. my question is 1. It looks as if this is a Mercedes issue? 2...
  2. CLA Problems/Issues/Complaints
    Hi, Tomas from Sweden here and I am new to this forum. I hope you all are ok and having a good day 👍🏻 With the risk of sticking my chin out I admit that I come from Audi and I am still pretty much an Audi fan boy. I recently owned a C7 A7 2017 and before that a C7 A6 2017. Both those cars...
  3. CLA Problems/Issues/Complaints
    Hello guys, anyone had a noise problem on Cla 4 Matic because the rear axle differential? Anyone can help me in getting a good used part for the rear axle differential? Thank you, Neil
  4. Mercedes CLA Australia
    Hi i have a 2016 CLA 250 shooting brack and i have a lot of shuttering vibration and clunking coming from the back of the car at low speed up to about 100km ph i have had it back to the dealer and was told there is an international problem with the CLA but Mercedes doesn't know what to do...
1-4 of 4 Results