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  1. Cla250 heating help! Please!!!!

    CLA Problems/Issues/Complaints
    I recently bought my CLA at a used car dealer I've only had it for one month and it is overheating. The weird part about it is that it cools down when I rev up the engine, I already did a air lock bleed because I changed the reservoir because it had a crack in it but nothing seemed to help the...
  2. 2014 CLA45 underpowered???

    CLA Performance
    Purchased a used (i know) 2014 cla45 with 52k miles on it. The car ran fine for a couple months but about 6 weeks ago threw a CEL code for underboost. After being in and out of my local shop (specializing in euro cars) the CEL has been fixed and seemed to be related to a faulty sensor. He...
  3. Install Apple Carplay

    Mercedes CLA UK
    Has anybody installed Apple Carplay to a 2015 CLA220?
  4. What speakers are in my CLA 180?

    CLA General Discussion
    Hi, My first Mercedes here, uk, cla 180 2017 sport edition. LOVE it!!! I’m interested in 2 things - changing the stereo/speakers and changing the multimedia screen for a touch screen one. How do I find out what speakers/system is in my car? I checked the vin number and went thru it’s...
  5. Keyless start??

    Can anyone help me? I have a 2015 Mercedes cla 220 sport cdi and it doesn’t have the start button but I’m lead to believe they might come as standard and previous owners sometimes pinch them? Can I just buy a button off eBay and plug it in and go or is it more complex than that or is it just not...
  6. Distronic cruise control.

    Mercedes-Benz CLA 220 CDI
    Can anyone help? I have checked my instrument cluster in between speedometers and followed instructions to the active assist for the cruise control that displays a picture of the car on a road, on the YouTube instructions it displays meter spacing distances along the side of the Rd but on mine...
  7. HELP illuminated star emblem doesn’t twist off

    CLA General Discussion
    How do I take the illuminated star out of the hood of my CLA 250 2014? Every forum says twist it out but it doesn’t twist at all I’ve got my bumper off but can’t remove the star because the diamond grill is blocking access I have no clue how to take the diamond grill out at all
  8. Widebody CLA

    CLA Exterior Styling
    Exterior : •Gloss black Mercedes emblem •Acid green centered horn •GTR Front Grill •canards •sparco tow hook stripes front and back •Front bumper LED •Fully custom RGB headlights •tinted tail light •Fairydesign widebody kit. •Motorized licenses plate •Fully custom GT3 style diffuser •carbon...