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  1. CLA General Discussion
    Hello, I have a CLA C118 and it's great. However Park tronic only detects spots that are perpendicular to the car, like in a parking lot, but doesn't detect spots that are parallel to the car, like in a street. I know this option exists though because I have tried it on other CLAs in other...
  2. CLA General Discussion
    Hello, I have a 2015 Mercedes Cla which from standard manufacture contains the 6 or 7” infotainment display with the black plastic borders around the perimeter. I would like to upgrade it and install the newer 8” display which I believe was used in CLA vehicles from 2016 onwards which is...
  3. CLA Problems/Issues/Complaints
    Hello, I have a 2015 Mercedes cla 220 and recently I’ve had my engine management light come on. When I plugged an obd reader in to distinguish the fault code which was P0196 it stated there was a problem with my oil temperature sensor. I have bought a replacement sensor however I have no idea...
  4. CLA General Discussion
    Hello, I recently purchased a 2022 CLA 250 which will be delivered tomorrow. I am interested in an accessory that will allow me to utilize wireless car play. Do any of you know of any that would be compatible (and work smoothly) with a 2022 CLA? Thank you!
  5. CLA Purchasing
    Hello everyone! I’m planning to order a new CLA 250 4matic but I’m having some trouble to decide if I should go with the satin/matte magno grey finish or with a regular metallic or solid paint. I have read a little bit about matte and satin finishes and I have learned that scratches are...
  6. CLA General Discussion
    Hi guys, now I know this is a difficult conversation and can vary from every person's driving however, the MPG on my CLA180 seems really low, im getting around 25-27 mpg driving in town, I just barely get 200 miles from a full tank? Is this normal or does it seem quite off? TIA
  7. CLA Maintenance / Care / Detailing
    Hello Everyone, New to Mercedes Benz CLA ownership and wanted some help with the transmission fluid change intervals. The car is a 2016 Mercedes Benz CLA 250 Automatic 4 matic. The trans code is 724011 20 444529. The car has 130 000 km on it, so its due for a transfluid change. One mechanic...
  8. CLA Problems/Issues/Complaints
    Although im aware some moisture is normal in the headlight, i tried and tried to dry mine and decided that im going to take the leap. So i took it apart, cleaned everything, re sealed it , and decided to black it out while i was at it
  9. CLA General Discussion
    As we you might know, the new production version of the CLA (09/2020 - present) has been available. There are some slight some interior differences like; AMG Dynamics button (steering wheel for CLA 45) and Matt mid console buttons instead of glossy. Who is aware of all the new changes for the...
  10. CLA General Discussion
    Hello, I have a Mercedes cla 220 2015 with the standard 7” (I think) display that has the borders on it. I was wondering if it possible for me to fit the slightly newer flat screen 8 or 9” display the one without the borders on. The fittings and plugs all look the same and I was just wondering...
  11. CLA Purchasing
    So i found this really nice fully loaded 2014 Mercedes cla 45 for only $22k and it seems like a really fun car based on the videos I’ve watched about it. I was wondering if it’s worth it or if I’m setting myself up for failure buying an amg with that many miles
  12. CLA Maintenance / Care / Detailing
    Upon starting my 2017 CLA 45 AMG all of a sudden 4 messages popped up simultaneously. The messages where Light Malfunction See Operators Manual, Check Front Left Turn Signal, Check Front Left Parking Lamp, and Check Left Low Beam. It seems to be all the front left functioning lights to be...
  13. CLA Exterior Styling
    I’m a new 2018 CLA owner looking for anyone who has successfully changed their factory orange headlights into white-ish LED or anything similar. Link to a kit I can buy? Not bright enough to blind oncoming traffic please :) Thanks guys.
  14. CLA Exterior Styling
    hello, does anyone have any idea how to detach the mercedes star from the trunk. I want to replace it with a black one. this is the new star that opens when you drive backwards with the camera. according to the garage it is not possible to have it wrapped because it has a new coating and the...
  15. CLA Exterior Styling
    Hi all, So this is my CLA200. For some exterior styling, i'm searching for black exhaust tips with a splitter inside it. Does anybody know where to get them, I only seem to find them for the A-Class.. Thanks in advance!
  16. Cars For Sale / Wanted
    I’m looking to gauge interest if I were to decide to put my CLA 35 Premium up for sale. I’m not in a massive rush to sell and would only do so for the right price. It’s a MY20 AMG CLA 35 with the Premium pack in Digital White. This was registered in March 17th 2020 and has only 750 miles on...
  17. CLA Interior Styling
    I wanted to upgrade CLA 200 sports steering wheel with C class 2019 steering wheel. Is it possible ? Kindly guide.
  18. CLA Problems/Issues/Complaints
    Hello, After sitting like 3 days car starts little bit worse, checked the voltage after 3 days and was 11.90v switched off and locked. Plugged in smart charger it charged 25 amps and at the end was charging at 0.7amps, when i removed the car cables from the battery charging stopped and stated...
1-20 of 35 Results