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  1. FS: CLA 45 AMG Part out

    Parts for Sale / Wanted
    (Brand new) Enkei TS5 Wheels 18x8 1000$ if shipping costs exceed 300$ i'll cover half of the shipping costs. AMS Alpha intake inlet and box 225$ Pending Sale Weistec Billet oil filter cap 150$ Weistec Meth kit 900$ Weistec Anti-surge valve 200$ (Brand new) Weistec Downpipe 800$ AMS Strut tower...
  2. 2019 CLA250 Rear Trunk Spoiler Suggestions

    CLA Exterior Styling
    Hey guys! I was looking around the forum for good rear trunk spoilers but could not come across any posts on this matter. Would anyone have any suggestions for a spoiler? (no carbon fiber) If you currently own said spoiler, if you could attach a picture, that would be great so I can get an idea...
  3. New rotiforms on my 2015 cla250

    CLA Pictures/Videos
  4. New member, just bought my dream car!

    Hi everybody! My name is Lucca Paletta, I'm 22 years old, from west Michigan. This forum has been amazing to read and learn about the nitty gritty stuff about these cars that I can't learn from YouTube or online reviews. I've been shopping for a new car for 6 years (eventually it became an...
  5. [SOLD] FS: CLA250 13-18 (218HP) RaceChip GTS Black Tuning Box +33Hp / +70Nm (with App Control)

    Parts for Sale / Wanted
    Used and in excellent condition, with a quick 15 minute plug and play using a wiring harness connected to 3 sensors, contrary to popular belief the Racechip GTS Black does really add a noticeable amount of power/torque to the car. Great for those not looking to go down the path of an ECU tune...
  6. My CLA250 Ruby

    My CLA250 Ruby

  7. CLA250 problem with cooling temperature , did anybody experience this ?

    CLA General Discussion
    Hello everybody :) I own a 2014 CLA 250 ~ 75 000 Km , mods I did related to the engine are AEM intake , Turbokits BOV spacer and a Muffler delete. So around 8 month ago I got a CEL saying my thermostat need to be replaced , the cooling temperature was always 60 Celsius and it take a really long...
  8. Front Brakes on CLA250 4Matic w/ Sport Pkg

    CLA General Discussion
    Hey All, Wanted to get some advice from this group on when (km or miles) they swapped out their front rotors and pads? I'm at 52,000 km (32,000 miles) and am being prompted by the car to replace mine. Please share so I can have a benchmark! Thank you. 5.5.
  9. 2019 CLA Best LED conversion bulbs?

    CLA General Discussion
    Hi everyone, I have just about exhausted my options trying to find a reliable way to swap my halogen headlamps which I regret getting, to the LED headlamps. I know this is possible by getting a Chinese company to send you the headlights and the OBD programmer, but I'm just not risking wiring...
  10. 2019 CLA250 Halogen to LED housing

    CLA Exterior Styling
    Hi all, I just joined the community. I custom ordered a 2019 CLA250 a couple months back and out of ignorance did not get the LED headlights. This has become a major regret of mine and I’ve become willing to go great lengths to make this conversion. I’ve researched and have been told it’s...
  11. 2014 CLA 250 Brakes/Rotors

    CLA General Discussion
    Does anyone know a reliable site to purchases authentic OEM pads and vented rotors? If you have any other recommendations for high performance pads and rotors please let me know. Thanks! Also, will AMG pads and rotors fit on a base 250?
  12. DIY: Auto-dimming mirror upgrade

    CLA Modifications / DIY
    Hey all, I just finished installing an auto-dimming mirror and it works! I followed the guide on the GLA Forums website, but I figured I should put it here as well. All you need is an auto-dimming mirror and the wiring harness. I found the mirror on ebay from a totaled CLA and the harness at...