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  1. Mercedes CLA UK
    Hi, I’ve just bought a 65 plate CLA250 which had comand added as an option on the build. The maps are now out of date. Can someone please tell me what’s the easiest (and cheapest) way of updating to a more modern map? Thanks
  2. CLA General Discussion
    Hi there guys! I’m new to this! I’m Oliver and I drive a 2017 CLA 220d AMG line I got into an accident last year and I was given an a180 67’ plate and I noticed the infotainment was updated a little bit, the music from car play could be changed through the gauge cluster. Does anyone know how I...
  3. CLA Modifications / DIY
    Hi all I am trying to install the 8” no bezel display on my CLA I have taken it to Mercedes dealer and they were unable to as they were getting these error codes anyone have any idea how to install or rectify this ?
1-3 of 3 Results