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  1. Mercedes-Benz CLA 250
    Hello I am new to having a cla250. I am getting a ⚠️ saying all my lights are out, but they work all except my high beams they come on then stop working. The high beams won't turn on till car is restarted they they go out again. Any help is much appreciated. I have the halogen lights which I...
  2. CLA Exterior Styling
    I’m a new 2018 CLA owner looking for anyone who has successfully changed their factory orange headlights into white-ish LED or anything similar. Link to a kit I can buy? Not bright enough to blind oncoming traffic please :) Thanks guys.
  3. CLA General Discussion
    Over the last few weeks, I accrued a gamut of error messages on my 2014 CLA250 all related to front end lighting. Additionally, I got an Auxiliary Battery Malfunction error. My other messages include "Check Low Left Beam", "Check Low Right Beam" as well as front turn signal warnings and Daytime...
  4. Parts for Sale / Wanted
    I am selling both left and right side Halogen headlights, used but working perfectly. Recently upgraded to LED headlights. I am selling the infotainment screen, used but working perfectly. Recently upgraded to Android screen. Please email me [email protected] for details
1-4 of 4 Results