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  1. CLA Problems/Issues/Complaints
    Afternoon, I was wondering if anyone would be able to help me with an issue regarding rear axle coil springs on my 2015 cla 220 sport. It appears that one of my rear springs has snapped, does anyone know the spring part number or variant of spring that is applicable to my specific model. I...
  2. CLA General Discussion
    Hello, I was wondering if anyone would be able to help me with an issue I have regarding my sensors. Every time I start my car my sensors will immediately bleep followed by 4 amber bars showing on my sensor display and then resultantly they switch off completely. I have ran a diagnostic and...
  3. CLA General Discussion
    Hello, I have a 2015 Mercedes Cla which from standard manufacture contains the 6 or 7” infotainment display with the black plastic borders around the perimeter. I would like to upgrade it and install the newer 8” display which I believe was used in CLA vehicles from 2016 onwards which is...
  4. CLA Purchasing
    Hello everyone! I’m planning to order a new CLA 250 4matic but I’m having some trouble to decide if I should go with the satin/matte magno grey finish or with a regular metallic or solid paint. I have read a little bit about matte and satin finishes and I have learned that scratches are...
  5. CLA Purchasing
    So i found this really nice fully loaded 2014 Mercedes cla 45 for only $22k and it seems like a really fun car based on the videos I’ve watched about it. I was wondering if it’s worth it or if I’m setting myself up for failure buying an amg with that many miles
  6. CLA Exterior Styling
    Hi all, So this is my CLA200. For some exterior styling, i'm searching for black exhaust tips with a splitter inside it. Does anybody know where to get them, I only seem to find them for the A-Class.. Thanks in advance!
  7. Cars For Sale / Wanted
    I’m looking to gauge interest if I were to decide to put my CLA 35 Premium up for sale. I’m not in a massive rush to sell and would only do so for the right price. It’s a MY20 AMG CLA 35 with the Premium pack in Digital White. This was registered in March 17th 2020 and has only 750 miles on...
  8. CLA Interior Styling
    I wanted to upgrade CLA 200 sports steering wheel with C class 2019 steering wheel. Is it possible ? Kindly guide.
  9. CLA Interior Styling
    Hi There, I’m new to the forum, and relatively new to owning an A45. I bought mine last August and haven’t done much to it yet. Just had an MOT and service done, so now I want to start tweaking things. I’ve seen on YouTube a guy that has done an upgraded 8’ touch screen on a45 and I see the...
1-10 of 10 Results