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  1. CLA Modifications / DIY
    can anyone reply with pictures of the facelift and prefacelift headlights and tail lights and if they are compatible on a prefacelifted cla, because i am thinking of modifying my cla by buying the led facelifted headlights and replacing them with my old halogen ones and buying the butterfly tail...
  2. CLA Exterior Styling
    Hello, I just got a CLA 250 2018. It has the halogen lights currently and I'm wanting to upgrade to the better-looking LED lights. I can't seem to find anywhere to really purchase entire light housings other than used off Ebay. I also have seen something about needing to program the car for LED...
  3. CLA Exterior Styling
    Hi all I’m sure this has been discussed but I’m stuck and need help with definitive answers! I have a CLA 180 (2013) with halogen bulbs which need to be replaced (one is letting water in) I don’t wanna pay for the whole light cluster when I think the LED high performance ones look so much...
  4. CLA General Discussion
    Hello Guys This is gonna be short and simple What do you call this part of the headlight? and I would appreciate it if someone can tell me how can I change it or where can I buy the part for it online My vision is to have it look like an "Eye" whenever the lights turned on I'm gonna put in...
  5. CLA Modifications / DIY
    Hello, This is my first post on this forum, i have a broken xenon headlight glass, and wanted to remove it myself to ship it for a repair, does anyone know or have instructions how to remove the headlight? Could not find it on youtube or google. Thanks!
1-5 of 5 Results