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  1. CLA Modifications / DIY
    Seen allt of people been doing mullfer delete’s on 250’s cla. I live in norway and most here are 180 or 200. Wondering if anyone here has done a muffler delete on an 180 and have video? As the 250 has a bigger engine im wondering if the sound will be alot worse than on a 250. thanks
  2. CLA Performance
    Greetings CLA family, I did a resonator delete but I’m thinking about either putting on the stock resonator back on or going with a aftermarket performance resonator. Anybody have any suggestions on any resonators that can give some good sound? I’m planning on trying to do a muffler delete...
  3. CLA Performance
    So i removed my muffler already and everything is fine, but the other day i put on new dual tips and the CEL popped up. I put the stock tips back on and the CEL went away, so i was wondering if i took out the resonator would it pop up again or will i be fine and why did it come up when i put new...
1-3 of 3 Results