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  1. Panoramic Sunroof does NOT open. Motor works. Please Help

    Mercedes-Benz CLA 250
    Hello, i have a problem with the panoramic roof is fully closed now. The problem is that is not open (even it doesnt lift from the rear side so as next to pull up the front side and slide to the back). The motor (teeth still good) still works. When i press the button to open the sunroof it makes...
  2. Panoramic Sunroof Won't Fully Open

    CLA Problems/Issues/Complaints
    Hey! New to the site! So, I have a 2014 CLA250 and have been having issues with my sunroof. I tried closing my sunroof one day, some time ago, and as it was closing it was making a crunching noise. I had to hold down the button to fully close while hearing that crunch noise. Now many days...