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  1. CLA Problems/Issues/Complaints
    I’m going crazy with my car trying to figure out what’s wrong. My odb says low boost pressure and my CEL is on however I have found some very strange behaviour. my temperature gauge takes longer that normal to get to 88-90 when it does hit 88-90 my boost power kicks in and drives fine with...
  2. CLA Problems/Issues/Complaints
    Hi All anyone experienced sudden jerking when accelerating in sports mode and a complete loss of power for a split second before it recovers. This happen to me again today but this time but this time when I accelerating I had no power what so ever If anyone has had any experience or know what...
  3. Parts for Sale / Wanted
    Used and in excellent condition, with a quick 15 minute plug and play using a wiring harness connected to 3 sensors, contrary to popular belief the Racechip GTS Black does really add a noticeable amount of power/torque to the car. Great for those not looking to go down the path of an ECU tune...
1-3 of 3 Results