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  1. CLA General Discussion
    I am seeking out buying the parts below for my 2014 CLA to save some money so wondering on some suggestions on a good place to get parts perhaps? Also I took my car to a break specialist (third party) and they said my back rotors were completely fine as I only have 51k miles on the car & not a...
  2. CLA General Discussion
    Hey All, Wanted to get some advice from this group on when (km or miles) they swapped out their front rotors and pads? I'm at 52,000 km (32,000 miles) and am being prompted by the car to replace mine. Please share so I can have a benchmark! Thank you. 5.5.
  3. CLA General Discussion
    Does anyone know a reliable site to purchases authentic OEM pads and vented rotors? If you have any other recommendations for high performance pads and rotors please let me know. Thanks! Also, will AMG pads and rotors fit on a base 250?
1-3 of 3 Results