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  1. CLA General Discussion
    BACKGROUND 2019 Mercedes-Benz CLA 220 AMG Line - Burmester Sound System Last year I made a post asking for help regarding the door rattle and general rattle noises caused by the sound system in the CLA. I asked for help on this forum, but got no concrete recommendations, other than...
  2. CLA Problems/Issues/Complaints
    Hi everyone, I've recently bought a CLA45 AMG Shooting break 2016 - 95.000km. The sound before I bought it was like this (in the dealer shop) : 0d6dd7eb-59bb-4ab5-bd6e-958220245291 You can clearly hear like a sharp sound at the end of eachs accelerations. So first of all, is this sound normal...
  3. CLA Performance
    Does the CLA 45 Downpipes fit the same and can i put it on my CLA250 ?
  4. CLA Performance
    So i removed my muffler already and everything is fine, but the other day i put on new dual tips and the CEL popped up. I put the stock tips back on and the CEL went away, so i was wondering if i took out the resonator would it pop up again or will i be fine and why did it come up when i put new...
  5. CLA General Discussion
    Hello everyone I just wanna share my custom catback exhaust by Lachuteperformance. I had a muffler delete for 2 years but now I wanted a little bit louder and a better tone. So I decide to fabricate a custom exhaust with only a magnaflow resonator/muffler. The sound is now a little bit louder...
  6. CLA General Discussion
    So I have a 2016 CLA250, I installed apple car play about a year ago, I did notice the sound was different no bass at all. Well last night I was driving and messing around I found how to change the Bass, tremble, and midtones for apple car play. Connect your phone to the correct USB port (One...
  7. CLA Modifications / DIY
    I have bought a Cla 2013 model. With a stock sound system and i am currently installing a subwoofer. Was at a hifi center to buy an adapter for the radio, But they told me the car has an active system. That means it is some type of audio control unit in the car other than in the head unit.
1-7 of 7 Results