Hello Group, I just bought a 2014 CLA 45 AMG that I am going to be using as a chassis swap. The car is in great shape, and all exterior panels are available. The parts I won’t need include the hood, trunk, fenders, quarters, sunroof, front and rear bumpers, rocker covers, front and rear lights, all glass, mirrors, stock suspension, stock AMG wheels (not shown) and most of what’s inside the trunk. For now I’m planning on keeping the doors because I’ll need them for wiring later on.
I’m sure you all think I’m nuts, but the plan is to swap on a 190e body with a Klasse 1 DTM body kit (wheelbase is within 1”). I’m located in Richmond, VA, and would love to not ship the large/fragile pieces. Let me know what you need and we can discuss price. Pics of car as it sits today and future end result below.