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Greetings all.
I am not just new to this site but also a Mercedes virgin having just bought my first Merc.
My first real dilemma was, which model to get? I drive over 30,000 miles a year and have always had a diesel but the new CLA diesel was not going to be released until late 2019 :(
So, after much deliberation - and an impatience to wait until the diesel's release - I opted for a CLA 200 premium plus. My initial doubts of having a 1.3 petrol model were very soon dismissed, the performance of my Cla 1.3 is far better than that of my Mondeo 2.0 diesel :) and the fuel consumption isn’t too bad either when I’m easy on the gas – not an easy task when driving in sport mode is so much fun :)
So, to my dilemma: I want to have a Dashcam installed with both front and rear cameras, the Nextbase one that I had chosen scores really well with great reviews and is well priced; however, it’s a known issue for these Dashcams to interfere with the cars DAB radio!!
The other option i have is to get a Blackvue Dashcam, these Dashcams apparently don’t affect the DAB radio and they have one of the best quality videos of any Dashcam but they also have mixed reviews and are a lot more expensive.

Does anyone on here have any advice? The Nextbase one will cost around £230 whereas the Blackvue one is £475. I don't want to go for the cheaper option if it affects the DAB but then I don't want to pay almost £500 if the Blackvue isn't any good
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