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Add Some Style With HRE FF01 FlowForm Wheels // DSG Performance

Let's start with FlowForm, the technology used on this particular wheel. HRE set out to make a new kind of wheel that has an improved aluminum structure which would result in a stronger, lighter wheel. Flowform wheels are created using a unique casting process which increases strength similar to that of a forged wheel. It all starts by pouring molten aluminum into a mold face side down, it is then rapidly cooled in order for the alloy to condense resulting in increased elasticity and durability. After the wheel is formed, it's pulled from the mold and placed into the flowform mechanism. (Think potter's wheel) This is how we get the wheel's final shape. In english, these wheels are awesome, but you already knew that.

Now that we're flow form experts, let's move on. The HRE FF01 Wheel is made in Japan but one of the best parts of this wheel is the colour. Not a fan of black or silver? We'd venture to say, there's a colour for everyone. The FF01 is available in Anthracite, Gold Rush, Great White, Hyper Yellow, IPA, Liquid Black, Racer Orange, Redline, Sky Blue, and Tequila Lime. (Bad ass name) The wheel size and offset applies to a myriad of EUDM cars, most notably, the CLA 250 and 45 AMG but whether it's on a GTI, or a Vette, one thing's clear, HRE did one hell of a job.

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