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I recently bought a CLA Shooting Brake 2016, which at that point didn't have any Apple Carplay or Android Auto. In an attempt to get this workig I bought a NTG5S1 ODB2 activation tool for Apple Carplay and Android Auto. After that Apple Carplay and Android Auto became available in the menu.

To start with the positive: Apple Carplay works as expected (plug the cable in and Apple Carplay starts).

My preference is however to use Android Auto, which does not work at this moment. The only thing that happens when I plug the cable into my phone is that the message stating that no device is found disappears, but Android Auto does not start.

What I've tried so far:
  • Multiple phones (Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro, Xiaomi Mi 9 and Samsung S10) which all have Android Auto installed
  • Multiple cables (original cables from Xiaomi, cable bought from Google, Google Stadia charging cable, original cable from Samsung)
  • Manual set permissions for Android Auto application
  • Manually try to setup a connection with a new car from the Android Auto settings on my phone
After some more searching online I found the following post: ( in which it's stated that you'll need HMI version 2016/6 or newer in order to get this working. I've checked my version and I'm currently on 04.11.2015.
Based on this information I've contacted a local Mercedes dealer and asked if they can update this. They weren't familiar with HMI, but said they can update my head unit. They couldn't guarantee that Android Auto will work after this update.

My questions are:
  1. How likely is it that Android Auto will work once the HMI version is updated to 2016/6 or newer (knowing Apple Carplay already works)?
  2. Will updating the head unit also update the HMI version or is that different?
  3. What is HMI and what does it stand for?

Any help is appreciated!
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