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Ash MB Tex color confirmation

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Does anyone here know if the interior shown in this picture the Ash MB Tex color? I recently put down a deposit on a CLA with Ash MB Tex and black ash wood trim. This picture is the closest I could find to my specs.

Also, it seems that this is a Euro model given the shifter.

Thanks in advance.


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Looks to be ash color, not sure if it is the MB Tex though.
The leather/MB-Tex covered dash I believe is usually packaged with the leather interior- at least in the Canadian configurations.

And I believe the doors in the MB-Tex have less ash colouring than in this photo (more black elements).

I ordered the same combo- ash grey (they call it crystal grey here but I believe it's the same) with black ash trim.
I think grey will look much better than ash grey. In fact the MB Tex configuration in grey is best.
Universalexport, check out the nice gallery of pictures posted by AlexG in the "CLA Pictures Videos" forum section. He has some great interior shots of a Mountain Grey CLA250 with the MB Tex Ash Grey interior.

Links here:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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