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Back up camera

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Will I be able to get a back up camera in my amg after market? I read here that there will be a plug in nav available. Will there be a reasonably priced option to get a back up cam without getting the multimedia package? I honestly don't care enough for the p1 or multimedia. Rather spend the money on rims calipers pano roof paint job sports exhaust, but I know that I will need a back up camera. My family will all be driving sometimes so i know It would come in handy. Does any one firmly believe an affordable aftermarket backup cam can be had that will work on the same screen. Or maybe mb will offer it as a stand alone option like the blind spot monitors for $550(totally worth it).
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I saw a NavTool camera interface being installed on CLA few days ago, I'm planning to get one for mine as well
If you look on eBay or on one of my topic. You can buy a video,interface on eBay. On that box you can attach an aftermarket cam. Which would be around the price your willing to spend.
u can add rearview to pretty much ANY car for the right price

u can almost guarantee there will be an open video input slot avail on the back of these screens - all a rearview camera is a vid cam hooked up to ur reverse lights usually (it only powers on wen in reverse) and rca plugs into an input
Don't know, I tried contacting this guy about how he did this.

This is exactly what I wan't:
Don't know if he already has the backup camera.
You should be able to find a camera that provides acceptable functionality and appearance, for example the style that mounts inside the license plate frame. The only real issues will be the video input and the integration with the onboard telematics. Having the telematics recognize the camera input source and then switching to the camera view when the car is placed into reverse gear will likely be the toughest problem. It may cost you more in parts, trial and error, time and frustration than it is worth. My very best advice - go with the Multimedia Package to get the factory installed camera and enjoy the larger 7 inch LCD. The $2300 package works out to be pennies per day over the life of the vehicle.
The sad part is rear camera will become mandatory in the United States and be standard on all
Mercedes in a year. It is already on all Honda Accords.
A good point made by outsider. With the camera becoming standard equipment next year and Navigation already considered commonplace on all nicer cars, any car without those features is going to give the appearance and feeling of a stripped down low cost model. That might be ok if we were talking about a $15K basic transportation, bargain basement type of car but it's never a good thing on a car that is going to have a sticker price in the mid-50's or higher. Bite the bullet and add the multimedia package and avoid future regret.
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