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Bought a carbon diffusor that doesnt fit lol

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I waited two months for this to come in and the day it did I went to install it. It fits the car, goes on perfect BUT this is how the exhaust openings look. Obviously thats an issue and the stock the tips. They then told me I need to buy these exhaust tips from them to fit (which I did) but im not sure they are going to fit either. As for the protruding piece of the car thats visible in the exhaust opening, they recommended I cut it out to fit the exhaust. I have no clue what to do lol
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You have to cut the bumper and other pieces in order to install it I have the same diffuser trust me it’s worth it if anything you can always get a new bumper
Yeah just cut the pieces that are shown in the diffuser openings and you should be able to fit the new exhaust tips. It looks but it’s not
I had a shop install it for me that’s how I know they cut the bumper because they called me before cutting it. They used screws to secure it and the exhaust tips I’ll take a pic for you tomorrow but I’m 100% sure they put them exactly where the oem were hooked up.
Sorry I completely forgot but what do you mean the front spoiler?
Damn which one you got? I have this one but it’s all cracked I’m getting my front and back bumpers repainted and I’ll get a new front one lol
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I got the same exact one, except it won’t fit correctly because I don’t have the molding piece from the last picture I posted. So I’m trying to find one
That’s weird because I had to remove the one you showed me to install this one that I have on
Really? Isn’t there a huge gap on the bottom though?
No remind me to send you pics later 9#7#3#8#9#7#5#3#4#7 I should be home in 2 hours
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