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Budget @ $35,000 or Lower (If Possible)

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Hey guys, new member here i have a few questions regarding my decision to buy the CLA or not (and hopefully i would get to)

Is it possible to get a decently equipped CLA with said budget ? my main concern is rear view camera, 18" wheels, front grill just like the picture below (that is basically how i wanted my CLA look just different color)

Im not sure how to do this and my English is not good enough to discuss in details about buying a car, would appreciate any help out there ! thank you in advance.


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Here's a link to a thread here that has the CLA order guide. Take a look for yourself if you can build one to your liking within your budget. :) $35k before TTL should get you a decently equipped CLA250.
Thanks Stang !

Im wondering whats the base price on both model ? is it $29,900 for CLA250 ? and how much for CLA250 4M
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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