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Hi, I just want to share my experience with Mercede Benz of Chicago!!

949 N Elston Ave
Unit 2
Chicago, IL 60642
United States

Im really mad about they work:

Im own cla 45 with orginal optional matte paint, when i got my oil change dealer wash my car saying oh you know what I have to send your car for hand wash...? What? You have to wash this car by hand only and I know about it... couple days after I saw white stains on my all 4 wheels. They are matte black finish as well. I just come back there yesterday and service told me they use regular soap to wash my car what I never did my self, always ordering special stuff for matte paint and never touch my car with Regular soaps. They trying to tell me is not they fault, Im already go to other dealers and they told me paint finish like this need special shampoo and it cannot be washed with regular soap. How you can trust them? No, you cannot trust them even for oil change when they don’t know how to wash cars what their selling. They try to tell me they didn’t know about special soap and I suppose to told them before... So who is trained and working there me or you ? Because looks like I know more than service there!!

They not even try to see if they can wash it down

Worst experience in my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
How you can trust them for when they even don’t know how to wash cars properly
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