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Okay, so two more month wait to get my car. I ordered my car in Egypt, I live in NY, flew out to see the status and to visit family.
Long story short, I went to the dealer to see that the 180 and how it compares to the rest. And I got a lot of information that I would love to share because it gave me more questions to ask.
CLA 180 - no exhaust, only red white and black colors, non leather steering wheel, and 16” wheels and different grill (lines not black dotted). Halogen lights!
CLA 180 Urban – has the exhaust, more colors, dotted but black grill, 17 rims, Halogen lights!
Cla 200
CLA 200 Amg Sport
and off course the CLA 45
Anyway I have the brochure I will upload it at some point, but now that I know I need to do some changed to the car! The rear bumper literary is closed out no exhaust! Can I like drill it? Can I buy any rims from the other models and they will fit?

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