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That strategy won't work at all. Options are where the manufacturers make their money and are not necessarily passed onto the dealerships. Historically, options actually have relatively lower margin compared to the vehicle. That's why dealers really don't care about how heavily or thinly loaded the cars are as long as it's optioned in a sellable way ( No purple car with a brown interior, red seat belt and no panoramic roof.) I really am not realistically expecting to get any discount but will try anyway when the car gets here. It appears Audi4t's idea of European delivery is the way to go. That saving of 9% is equivalent to buying the car 3% below invoice...I will be in Europe for a couple of weeks during November but cannot coincide delivery as they don't even have a release date yet. Too bad.
Couldn't agree more. The buyer always wants to work from invoice up and dealer MSRP down.
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