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Hey folks,

I'm looking at the Mercedes-Benz CLA 45 AMG model. The car is priced right around the area that I'm looking, but the optional packages on the vehicle cause the price to rise quite significantly, very quickly. Given this fact, I'm obviously going to have to sacrifice some of the features that I would otherwise be interested in having. However, since this is such a high-priced purchase, I'm also interested in ensuring that I get the car configured in such a way that I'll be happy with it.

I would imagine that trying to negotiate down the base price of the vehicle will be somewhat challenging, given the limited supply and high demand. Where I do see some opportunity for all of us as buyers, is in the options area. The options are vastly overpriced, in my personal opinion, and I therefore see some wiggle room for dealers to sell the vehicles. One idea I've though about is going into the dealership, prepared with a list of the optional packages that I want, and the price I'm willing to pay for each one. Once the seller is provided with this information, it's up to them whether they agree or disagree to the deal. Has anyone else tried this?

If they aren't able to wiggle at all, I probably forego the idea of purchasing this car. There are some other brands I'm looking at, with similar features and sportiness, but without the premium price tag.

On a slightly different note: Will this car be available for pickup in the EU? I would love to pick it up over there and enjoy better pricing (no delivery charge), while simultaneously enjoying the European countryside.

Where are you located?
Are there a lot of MB dealers in your area?

I think you'll find that there are a number of threads in this forum on possible group buys. If you read through a few of the different threads you'll find a lot of great information. Whether dealers are going to offer discounts TODAY is like throwing darts at a wall blindfolded, a top a 6" platform 100' in the air surrounded by a shark filled ocean. If you're adamant about a discount today then you're running against some serious headwinds. You might be successful. You might not be. It all depends.

Just keep in mind that you're talking about a car that is receiving A LOT of hype, isn't yet on the market, is intended to be a low volume model AND which seems to be running into serious supply/demand issues because of the hype and excitement already in the market. None of the other alternatives you're likely thinking about have this "problem" --- in fact, they're mostly mature models (unless you're talking about waiting for something like the S3...which, also, isn't on the market and won't be for some time.)

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