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here is the guide for the 45 AMG:

lol @ the seat cost. GTFOutta here mercedes. i'm getting a S3 instead.

edit: here is my total. much more than i expected and i didnt even add everything as some prices are still TBA.

2500 paint
950 CF interior trim
3750 seats
450 exhaust
2800 amg package
3700 CF exterior trim
2200 premium pack

63800 total

expecting $65k before tax and interest which should make this a $70k car. could save $2k by going for lesser paint and seats, but then i wouldnt be getting everything i want. could live without the premium package but i want auto dimming mirrors which arent offered standalone.

no way am i paying $70k when a loaded S3 will cost me under $50k.

my dream is OVER. lol
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