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Hi all,

Opinions please...

I am currently on the waiting list for the CLA in Sydney, and I'm hoping to place the next deposit to lock in a factory number. One challenge I have at the moment is the wife!

We have an 8 month old child, and all being well hope to add a second in the next couple of years. Her concern is about the practical suitability of the car for a young family.

I'm 6 foot 2 and we are worried about a second child seat behind the drivers side in terms of space - we have a BMW 1 series (previous generation) currently and this wouldn't be suitbale without me being cramped! Does anybody have any experience of space in the back of the CAL - does it liken to a C-Class so I can go and let her sit in and review. I had read that it was larger than the A class, and MB blueprints look like it's similar space (baring headroom) to the C-Class.
Regarding the boot space, I hear 471 litres is significant, but how practical is this with 2 kids if you are going on a trip. Most young families buy SUVs, and my wife thinks that as we are bucking the trend that it isn't the right car.

I am captivated with the car, and this is clouding my ability to think logically! Pragmatic opinions are welcome regarding on:

The suitability of a CLA to a 1 baby/toddler and later a 2 baby/toddler young family
The realistic boot capacity to support the family
Give a practicality score out of 10 and your rationale - this would help!

Finally, I would love for her to see the car in person. Does anyone know of any dealers, or motor shows that are approaching where the car is likely to be viewed in person?

Thanks for your patience

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