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CLA Manual Transmission pic

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how do you guys like this one?

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Looks pretty sexy. I'm torn... standard, funner to drive as long as you aren't in gridlock all the time. Choices, choices :)
Mercedes announcements have indicated that, at least initially, the CLA will only be available in North America with the 7-speed dual-clutch automatic. Are there plans to sell a stick-shift model here at some point?
I would LOVE to have the the manual transmission option. So many auto manufactures seem to be doing-away with the mechanical transmission option, and I have no idea why! The manual transmission only seems to enhance the fun of driving an awesome car. Why do the "America's" market have to wait?
Looks awesome! When can I buy one (manual transmission is a must have)!
Guys, once this gets closer I'm sure we'll be able to bounce questions off MB USA but right now we don't have much info :(
I am looking into the CLA 220 - not having owned a mercedes before nor an automatic vehicle...wondering which option you guys have opted for between manual/auto and why?
Been a stick driver since my first car, a Saab 99 with freewheeling. Paddle shifters are a joke compared with a true manual transmission. However with only nine percent of Americans driving a stick it is a dying breed of drivers and cars.
Stick shift rules.. I still like driving my mercury Milan four cylinder manual transmission sedan out for a spin just for the fun of it..
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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