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CLA or Cadillac CTS 2.0 turbo Sport with AWESOME touch screen head unit

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So I took a Cadillac CTS sport with upgraded navi and sat touch screen car head unit ( $36 500) no including rebates and DAMN this car is sexy as Hell and Its comfortable plus awesome DRL`s . I was impressed by the radio touch screen head unit and the ability to put apps on it. Should I wait for a CLA and test drive that and compare the two. I drive a 2008 C350 right now
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I would think the Caddy feels more genuinely an "American-Type of luxury - in other words, a legit mid-luxury car. The Merc I think would feel like a cheaper version of a full luxury car - versus a whole-hearted mid luxury vehicle, I DUNNO SH*T though. I am guessing.

I know Caddy is trying to change up their audience - going younger and more aggressive on the styling, etc, but can I really see myself in a caddy?

If we care to consider people's opinions, you have two options:
The Caddy is an old people car trying to be young. It's a boring American car, built to be comfortable, and faux-luxury.
The CLA is the cheapy benz for people who can't afford a "Real Benz."

If it only matters to you how the car feels, then be patient, try both, and make an informed decision then. My .02 cents.
I think that the ATS would be a more fair comparison with the CLA than the CTS. Also, I believe that the CTS is going to be updated for the 2014 model year. So if one of the allures of the CLA is something new and different, then buying a 2013 CTS will put you at the tail end of the current body style rather than leading edge. As for the "old people car" image for the Cadillac brand, GM has done a great job of reinventing the Cadillac brand over the last 10 years so I wouldn't worry about that perception. Bottom line, if you're the one writing the check then the decision is all yours.
You need to do a LOT of reading. The CTS & ATS have 'magical' suspension with the constantly changing magnetic shocks. My personal opinion (I have owned a lot of cars including a few 'first year' models) gives a big plus to the swoopy looks of the new Merc, and a big minus to the new Touch Screen of the Caddy ATS. Imagine being on a bumpy road where you have to find a spot to touch the screen to adjust temp., then hold your finger there to make adjustment, ditto for everything you want to do. I drove a CTS V, and like that system, but they are planning to change it to the CUE next year.
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