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CLA Release Dates/Official Base Prices

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A dealer rep recently sent me the following info re: CLA release dates and official base prices:

CLA250 Sept/Oct $29,900
CLA250 4MATIC March 2014 $31,900
CLA45 AMG 4MATIC November $47,450
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Good God!
We're paying €32,500 for a CLA180 and €44,250 for a CLA250 here in the Netherlands.
I believe the CLA45 AMG will go over €80,000

Mind you that the €1,- is $1,31 !

If there was a bridge over the Atlantic Ocean, I would drive to the US and purchase one over there !
I can deal with March 14 for the 4matic. More time to save!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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