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The number of packages you order on a $30K car isn't going to be much incentive. You're talking about pre-ordering a car that isn't even available on the market. They've kind of got you over a barrel. Either they're going to cut you a deal below MSRP because they're super nice people or they're not because they don't have to (and they still might be nice people). :D

There's nothing special about the CLA when it comes to how sales work. Supply and demand comes into play as do other factors:

-- How far or close is another Mercedes dealer? According to MBUSA there are 9 dealers within less than 25 miles of my home. If you live in an area where there the closest dealer is 25 miles from you and the 2nd closest is 50-100 miles away you're going to naturally lose some bargaining power with the local dealer. What else are you bringing them? You're almost captive. What about if you go to the dealer that's farther away? Are you helping them steal a sale from a competitor dealership that is closer to your home? In other words, are you found money that they know they'd otherwise not have?

This is what I did with my wife's Honda. According to Honda's website there are 15 Honda dealers within less than 25 miles of my home. I called one of the dealers that I've dealt with in the past. They're about 15 miles from my home and they know that there are showrooms far closer. I told them I wanted their best deal and would give them the sale if they offered the best price. I told them nothing about what the other dealers were offering. The Sales Mgr gave me a price he knew nobody was going to throw out at me and I gave him the sale. He stole the sale from a handful of dealers who were closer. His margins were thinner than he'd like but enough to make money on a deal he'd never otherwise have.

-- How hungry is the dealer to deal? Some dealers are stupid. Some are smart. Figure out which one you're dealing with.
-- What else are you bringing them? Can you find others near you who might be interested in putting together a 'group buy' where you're bringing them 10 sales as opposed to 1?

It is hard enough trying to negotiate with a dealer when a car is on the market and doing its thing (business as usual). In this case, you're telling the dealership that you want to be the first person on your block (or one of them) with a CLA. That often comes at a premium -- meaning MSRP (or higher). When I first bought my S60R there was a waiting list for the car. Every car was a special factory order for the first 6 mos or so of the '05 MY. While discounts were given they weren't deep. When the dealers finally started getting cars to put on their lots the discounts got deeper. Expect the same thing with the CLA. The more patient you are the better your deal will be.

Good luck!
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