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Hey all, I know this answer will probably vary, but that's why it's a discussion post, right? I've got this 2016 CLA 250, w/Sport package, etc. - roughly 67K miles. I recently moved from Huntington Beach, CA to Cornelius, NC and have since seemed to notice a decrease in fuel mileage...or maybe I'm just losing my mind from the move lol. The traffic here is a little bit tighter, and by that I mean not as much interstate driving (more stop and go), so I could see that being a factor. But I did also recently have replaced: the front brakes, spark plugs, front tires, and an air filter. I can't imagine any of those things would be affecting it but this is my first go with this type of car so I genuinely have no idea. I plan on doing the manual calculations to try and determine what I'm getting, but I figured in the meantime I would see what everyone else is getting - and if it's anywhere like the advertised ratings. As I recall it's roughly 24 city, 37 hwy. But I drive one way and back for a distance of 22 miles total for work now and I just don't feel like that should be consuming even close to 1/8th of a tank...馃
Hi, I hv a small older model Benz that gets excellent mileage with premium gas, usually purchased @ buying clubs as I鈥檓 in OC where u used to be! Recently mileage went way down & car started running rough, I spent $2K on repairs probably not urgently needed, only to find that alcohol was being added by these clubs! I鈥檓 back to Mobil & it runs like a dream!
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