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CLA45 Accessories for Australia

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Has anyone seen info on what accessories (not options) will be available for Aussie market eg. boot liners?
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Yikes.. For a boot liner? I wonder how much roof racks would be...
MAP did you order online or through a dealership? I am considering having the iPhone kit (forget what it's called) for full integration with command online. From what I have read MB has been slow with catching up to iPhone 5, but you should be able to use am adapter to go from 4s pins to 5 pins. My concern is the phone is meant to lock into some form of a cradle, as it is designed for a 4, I don't think the 5 will fit.
I spoke to the dealer and he organised the boot liner. I think the boot liner is going to be quite useful, looking at the shape if the boot cleaning it is going to be a pain.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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