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Cla45 amg can be ordered from today

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Mercedes emailed me today with the full break down price list and summary document.

I can confirm the price is £41,845.

The standard options above standard cla amg are as follows

Full amg seats
19 inch multi spoke alloys
Quad exhaust (exact same look as performance version)
Full night pack

The disappointment for me is the dash is not covered in leather as standard as a lot of magazines have stated. This is annoying for me as to upgrade to leather you also have to spec memory seats. Therefore it cost £2,800 which is a lot.

I also think the non real leather look better and feel better as the centres are a fake suade where as the leather it's a material finish.

I can't upload the PDF documents so if anyone would like them pm me and I will email them.
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It's not standard in the U.S. either but I believe it is available as a stand alone option for the US as part of the "Exclusive Package" (P34) for $1,500.
I don't know whether it is separately available in the UK, too, but it might be worth asking your dealer if you haven't already.

Unfortunately it's not a stand alone option and is only available as part of the exclusive package but that has to be ordered with the memory package which totals 2800 which is the annoying thing.
What spec did you go for mate and what's your estimate delivery date, mine is next year!!
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