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CLA45 AMG vs A45 AMG(Video)

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This review is done by autoexpress.

My personal opinion is i would totally take the CLA 45 AMG. Hate the styling of the A45, to me it looks like a car design made for a grandma made sporty. Grandma and sporty don't go together. LOL. Don't understand why European people like that sort of styling so much. I wouldn't drive the A45 AMG if someone paid me too(Haha show's how much i dislike the styling). But everyone has there own opinion.

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the A45 is wack to me

gti's and golf r look 3x better (to me)


the CLA gets a lot of hate (comments) but I still want it . I still dont like how it gets compared to the m1 as its bigger than an m3 !

I would compare the CLA to the 335 and m1 to the a45

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Good review. I guess I'll be checking the box for the U21 - AMG Performance Exhaust now :)
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