So long story short, I purchased this tune through AMS and then after it was shipped back to me I found out that I needed a new turbocharger. It is unfortunate this has happened but in the end I have decided to upgrade to a different turbo.

After speaking with AMS Representatives, I found out they don't have dyno experience with making a tune for anything besides a large turbo where as I plan to only being going stage 1-ish.

They said they would not refund my money so I am looking to see if anyone would be interested in purchasing this tune from me. This price is a discount for a little bit of hassle.

In the next few weeks I will be sending my ECM to another tuner who has a map ready that is paired with the turbo they will be selling me.

As you may or may not know, our computers are basically paired to you're specific car VIN number. However they can be cloned and my tuner has said they can clone the tune currently on my ECM to another ECM without any issues.

Purchasing of this tune from me would require you to send me your ECM, which I would then ship out to the tuning company and have it cloned in the process of my new tune getting flashed. After the job is complete I would then ship it back out to you.

It is unfortunate I cannot use this tune. I have read it is supposed to be smoother than Weistec, but it will not support my mods going forward.

Anyone interested please let me know.