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Hi All,
I have a 2013/14 CLA45 bought new and put on about 60,000 km already. Hope someone can shed some light on the issues I've been having for 2+ years now. I've been asking my local MB (Hong Kong) to check these issues with my scheduled checkups but they have no idea on whats causing them.

1) From a cold start (not that cold here, 20-30 degrees Celcius), I shift into D and the car doesnt creep/move forward (no accelerator pedal application), after a second or two the car lurches/jolts forward 2-3 feet like it popped the clutch. This only happens right after engine start, it has never happened during normal driving. It has happened about 10 times or so in the past 2 years, but it's quite dangerous.

2) When stopping for a red light, after a complete stop the transmission (or maybe rear diff?) emits a slight "thump" sound and a very slight forward jerk. It felts the clutch engange/disengage is off sync with the actual car stopping? This has been happening for about a year now, but it doesnt always happen... maybe 70% of the time when coming to a stop.

3) Application of +80% full throttle (usually 2nd or 3rd gear, any gear mode), engine revs with boost but then hesitates slightly for a split second then continues reving to redline/shift. I've noticed this for about a year now. Note that I have the ARMA Carbon Box intake system (non-variable), but I had this installed about 4-5 years ago, long before I started experiencing this issue.

4) Some strange "mouse squeaking" sound from the engine area, can only hear it on downhill inclincation while driving slow or stopped. Doesnt happen on flat ground or driving on uphill. Engine completely warmed up and aircon off.

Hope someone can help me with these issues and I am out of warranty already so best advice greatly appreciated.

Thanks in Advance,

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