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did i find a grey cla45?

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Looks like maybe but it's kind of hard to tell from just that picture though. There are lots of pictures of the CLA in Mtn Grey online. I know you're looking for more pics of the 45 specifically (as am I) but everything I've seen makes it difficult to discern the difference between the AMG model and the Edition 1 cosmetically speaking at least. I'm hoping the differences, if any, will become more apparent as the 45 spec model information is finalized and distributed.

the side skirts are what tell me its one . .

maybe the edition has one colored sides?
don't think so........the exhasut tips are regular CLA
Here's a 45 (I think) with what appear to be the same tips...maybe's really hard to tell from that picture.

What I can't make out on the grey car, however, is a "turbo" badge on the front 1/4 panel. If it doesn't have one then it's probably not a 45.

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It's pretty easy to spot from the front quarter view since the 45 has those Sgt. Kabukiman-like black extensions on both sides of the front bumper and the "turbo" badging on the side.

Both of those elements (I think) are absent on CLA's fitted with the AMG Sports Package.



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The cla 45 amg comes with the same exhaust as the standard car. It's a 500 option to get the 4 pipe exhaust.

I am pretty certain this is not a 45 and the give away is the rear breaks they are to small for the 45.

Also the wheels look to small. The multi spoke on the 45 is only available as a 19. With 18's on the standard car.
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