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Digital Radio for only £5 ?????????

The options list states Digital Radio Option as costing £420 in my UK branch ....

So.... What's to stop me from sticking with the standard radio system (which has a USB axillary) and purchasing a £5 USB DAB Dongle ?????? from Ebay ????

Digital reception is either perfect or OFF ...... depending on the area. My area is excellent for DAB reception, the Quality of the audio (after the reception) is exclusively the job of the inbuilt Standard Merc Sound system, Which 'should' be excellent, as its a Merc ??????

Am I missing something in the £420 premium ? for the official DAB radio option ?

As I understand it, the £5 DAB dongle simply is activated by selecting the USB/AUX 'whatever' button... it comes with its own remote control as well for selecting different stations.

Also, for £10 you can have Digital TV reception as well.... Does anyone now if the standard screen would display the reception from this upgraded £10 version ?

We are currently looking at the Evoque and the BMW within the same price bands as the 220CDI CLA .... The BMW comes with FREE digital radio, which I can fully understand knowing how little it cost to receive the signal ie, £5

Great Car the CLA 220CDI AMG !!!!! ........

Extracting the water somewhat with the options I feel......

I get the impression (having been in sales before) that the salesmen could be making their wages on the options list rather than overall commission.... which is fair enough !!! But, the margins appear to be HUGE.

Having said that..... I would welcome discussion on the matter.

I guess im not the typical Merc target market.... Which is of course the whole point of the CLA marketing... I am Drawn in ! ... It looks great ! .... But, I feel im a bit more clued up (than a usual Merc owner) than to hand over £420 for a DAB radio when I know I can buy one in Tesco's for £25 (speakers and cabinet included)

Im ready to spend over 30K on a Merc ...........

But..... I know I can get a Ford for much less WITH DAB included...... Or a Kia


For what its worth our current car is a MSport 1 series Diesel which we have had for 3 years. Prior to that we had a 2 door 3 series.
We have 2nd cars n stuff but that's not relevant.

My honerable apologies if I have missed something important ?

My Gut instinct would be that in today's world, for a premium car brand such as Mercedes, DAB radio should be standard, especially when we are all fully aware of the £5 cost of reception.

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We could really fancy a AMG spec in mountain Grey or The Violet (after we see one in real life that is) with the black wheels....

dont mind spending 1K on a panaramic roof !!!!! .... 1K on Electric Memory seats that are heated ... Fine !

But... digital radio ???? . Come on chaps ! .... play a fair game !
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