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today I tested an A Class in preparation of ordering my new car next week.
For over six months I have followed the media progress - the leaked pictures - the captured spy shots and vids; the decision was made months ago - she would be all mine!!

Currently running a 3 series (great car - terrible customer care!!) that is frankly hard to beat but I have had many problems with little support from the HO, the dealers have been great though.

New car can go to £37,500 so have added well, everything to a 2.2d AMG with pack, sunroof and lot's more. It's in budget and everything was swell, then i tested the A class....

Yes, I know the ride will be different as will the rear space etc and yet more etc,'s like a posh Ford Focus in there!! There's 'appealing to a younger market' and there's take away the brand class from the iconic badge.... yes, I'm rather grumpy - not sure what I expected but this car looks as though it should have been the new Smart car to grow the range, not kill the King of the road brand...
Testing a Q3 tomo and looking at another 3 series - don't want to do it but needs must!!

I expect the shape and size, style and uniqueness of the CLA would win me over if i could just see one....
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