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What's up guys, I thought I would share my DIY custom subwoofer project with you. The project took me 2 weeks to complete because of my work schedule and ordering parts. I chose the custom route because I didn't want a clunky box in my trunk, I wanted more of a OEM sleek look. I must say this project was fun to do because I'm a big DIYer. If you plan on doing this project, you must have "PATIENCE" this is not an overnight project. If you take your time and do it right, the end result will be well worth it. Bear with me this is my first post. Lets get to it!!!

For my install, I decided to go with 2 Rockford Fosgate P1S4-10 Subwoofers
Audio Control LC2i
Rockford Fosgate Prime R750-1D
Amp wiring Kit
Fiberglass Resin
Fiberglass Cloth
Blue Masking Tape
Cheap Paint brushes (The resin will make them hard and they will be useless)
Fleece Cloth for the subwoofer enclosure
6 Pack of Stella Artois

Unplug the negative battery

Get the blue masking tape and tape off the area you want to build your enclosure

I ended up taking out the trunk lining because it was easier for me to tape it. Make sure you overlap the tape because you don't want the resin to get on your trunk mat and ruin it. View attachment 61320

Cut the fiberglass cloth into squares.

Paint a layer of the resin onto the blue masking tape, then place the fiberglass cloth onto the resin before it dries up. with this process, you need to do 6 layers of resin and fiberglass cloth. Also if you place fiberglass enclosure in the sun, it will dry faster.

While the fiberglass is drying up, you can start making your speaker rings IMG_0041.jpg

After my 6 layers of fiberglass, I attached the speaker rings to the enclosure using wooden post as support IMG_0050.jpg

This is where the fleece blanket comes in, place it over the speaker ring and staple the fleece to the speaker ring. Make sure you pull tight on the fleece. then glue the fleece to the back of the enclosure

Once the fleece is on the enclosure, paint some resin onto the fleece. IMG_0082.jpg

I usually put 5 layers of fiberglass on the fleece part to make the enclosure stronger

Here's a test fit of the subwoofers inside the fiberglass enclosures. the shapes might look off, this is where I would use bondo filler to shape the design and fill in any imperfections. After that, I will sand it down to smooth everything out. View attachment 61318

Here's my amp and line converter I should've put black carpet on the plywood, oh well. lol IMG_0132.jpg

SIDENOTE- I have the Harmon Kardon system, you do not need to take the radio console out. all you have to do is tap into the subwoofer wires in the rear deck. The subwoofer in the rear deck is a DVC so it was easier for me because I'm using 2 subs for my install.

So I decided to place my amp under the trunk because I wanted a clean install plus I still use my trunk. As far as the wiring, everything was tucked away on the battery side. I cut little holes in the trunk lining so the wires can go through. IMG_0154.jpg

Here's the final look IMG_0156.jpg

I took out the center console because I wanted to place the bass knob in the ashtray for a clean stealthy look IMG_0159.jpg

And here's the bass knob in the ashtray with some double sided tape. It's a perfect place because that bright blue light can get annoying, so all I do is close the ashtray door. lol IMG_0162.jpg

After a lil LC2i and amp tuning, overall the system sounds incredible. If you have a lil time and patience, this project is not difficult at all.
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