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does sport mode LOCK AWD ?

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If the driving dynamics require, the variable AMG 4MATIC all-wheel drive splits the torque between front and rear axle at a ratio of up to 50 : 50 percent. The variables influencing the torque split ratio are vehicle speed, lateral and longitudinal acceleration, steering angle, speed difference between the individual wheels, selected gear and accelerator position.
if our car is ALWAYS in sport mode - is it ALWAYS AWD?

im jw - cruise control at 70mph on the highway in sport mode - is AWD on ? or does it go into "awd-ready mode"
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i thought that it's mostly 100% front and only does up to 50/50 when slipping ... so probably not really awd when cruising on a hw ... one of the major complaints about this car i thought from people that it drives more like a fwd car ... that's it's not a true awd car ....
You don't have to lock the hubs. Yes, AWD is always on -- its just infinitely variable depending on the driving conditions between 100-0 (FW-RW) and 50-50. When the system senses wheel spin by some percentage power will be sent to the rear.

The criticisms that I've read about the feel of the AWD come from the amount of understeer still dialed into the handling characteristics...which can sometimes be offset by an AWD system with a RWD bias. MB hasn't allowed the system to shift 0-100 at any point. Since I haven't driven one yet, I can only add that I've owned two cars with Haldex AWD systems based on FWD drivetrains -- an Audi TT Quattro Cab and my current Volvo S60R. Both cars's AWD systems were extremely capable in the wet and snow; not to mention in dry conditions. Drive a CLA 4MATIC and determine for yourself.

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